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  • Hear EMCrit talk about The ACM on his podcast

    This book is amazing! It fulfils what Joe Novak was talking about on EMCrit Podcast; this is the manual you want in the OR/OT after you go through the unexpected. Waterproof, unrippable, and easy to find the crucial info you need–good stuff. Hear Emcrit talk about The ACM in the last 3 minutes of Podcast 117 at :

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  • Crisis Management: Promoting a Standard

    The ACM project is aiming to standardise crisis management and improve patient safety by providing protocols, checklists and diagnostic pathways (consistent with the European Society of Anaesthesiology’s Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology, 2010) in all operating and anaesthetising environments. The first step in this implementation is to have a hard copy of the manual attached to all anaesthetic machines, trolleys or carts. Although there is considerable demand for smartphone and tablet formats, it is recognised by many working in this field, including the Stanford Anaesthetic Cognitive Aid Group and the Harvard associated Ariadne Labs, that in simulated crisis...

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  • Read Anesthesia and Analgesia article on checklist limitations

    In citing the well-known and very successful landing of flight 1549 on the Hudson River, Goldhaber-Fiebert and Howard1 raise some important issues regarding the use of cognitive aids and checklists in time-sensitive crisis scenarios. An alternative perspective, however, is that the “dual engine restart” checklist proved a distraction…

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